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1.  Mess Is Mine, by Vance Joy

Besides inspiration for the title of the book, this was Isaiah Ritter's ballad. We all want to belong to someone, and desire for them to love us and our broken bits with reckless abandon. Isaiah wanted to claim Evelyn and have her claim him back.

2.  Arms, by Christina Perri

This is the epitome of Evelyn Hartigan's heart towards God, and indirectly, towards Isaiah. To accept what either had to offer meant stepping outside of everything she understood. Yet, their hearts called to her, drawing her home.

3.  I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked,

by Ida Maria

If Evelyn had a Friday night drinking song, this would be the one. The rock n' roll feel, and raspy quality of the singer's voice, fits Evelyn's rebellious nature. The lyrics are completely her mindset, almost like a journal entry as she sits at Liam's.

4.  I Put A Spell On You, by Nina Simone

Ben Coleman's theme song, he was confidence and manliness, and his magic worked on everyone, including Evelyn. He has everything to offer a woman: a home, a steady income, and a great bedside manner (*wink-wink*, *nudge-nudge*).
How can he go wrong?

5.  Hunger, by Of Monsters and Men

Meitra Young was a vision of strength in the worst moment of a marriage. Her heart, and silence as her world falls apart, break me. The part her sister, Evelyn, plays in it, makes you wonder how she got out of bed in the morning. How did she not shatter?

6.  What Kind of Man, by Florence + The Machine

I did not choose a theme song for Wyatt Young because this one created a picture I could piggy back off of. Through the eyes of his wife, and his lover, what kind of man thinks he can do this?
"And with one kiss,
You inspire a fire of devotion
That lasts for twenty years.
What kind of man loves like this?"

7.  Forgiven, by Crowder Band

The gospel. It is the power of God for salvation for everyone who believes. This song is the anthem of the Addicts Group. Every person in that circle hangs their life and strength on Jesus. The Group is made up of various individuals, and their minds, hearts, and spirits call in unification to One God. Regardless of their state of being and current mess, they stand in Christ's victory.
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