Your Mess Is Mine Series

Follow the intertwined lives of Evelyn, Freya, Meitra and Zoe as they figure out how to trust God and believe Him when He says, "Your mess is Mine."

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Your Mess Is Mine

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Hung over just in time for church services again, Evelyn Hartigan does not want to discuss how she woke up naked with Mr. Blond Ambition. When he begs to be a relationship, Evelyn questions where it all went wrong. When did a rewarding end-of-the-week drink and a flirt transform into a hang over and a one-night stand? Is this what she wants out of life? Meet Evelyn.

A former drunk, Shiloh Patterson has been growing daily in the Lord. Changing him on the most fundamental levels, Shiloh’s faith couldn’t be stronger until Jesus calls him home with two missions: First, start a prayer group for people with addictions. Second, take the gospel to his father. While Shiloh had no problem going home to start The Group, he wasn’t sure how he was ever going to tell the man, who kicked him out of the house at eighteen, about the love of Jesus. Meet Shiloh.

Six years of following Jesus, and nothing would make Isaiah Ritter go back to the life he had before. An outsider at his own church, Isaiah wonders how God is going to use his life to impact the world. While he’s ready to be used, Isaiah desires more to be accepted wholly by another person. Past, present, and future, Isaiah is done being alone. Meet Isaiah.

Everyone asks questions of God, but are we willing to accept the answer? Will God take our mistakes and turn them into something good? Are we willing to trust Him when He says, “Your mess is Mine"? Evelyn, Shiloh, and Isaiah are all about to find out.

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