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The first time I heard this song, I couldn't believe I had forgotten the beauty of Song of Solomon. Re-reading the passages, I thought, It would be so great if someone incorporated these verses in a story.
And that was all it took.
I wanted the readers to see what I saw, but through the eyes of a painter. Someone searching for what true marriage looked like.
Inevitably, the Bridegroom would come into focus, with His beguiling affection in His eyes, and you'd know what true love is. 
"Let me hear your voice, 
For your voice is sweet to me. 
Do you know that, 
You have ravished my heart? 
Yes, you have ravished my heart, 
With one glance of your eye."

2.  Believing Is Art, by Spoon

This is theme song of Zoe Grant's college art career as she figures life out. It follows her into the gallery scene, a sub-pop beat decorating the connoisseurs as they endeavor to figure out which image they believed in the most.
 Quite perfect as I see it.
"Yes, things that everybody would say,
'Believing is hard,'
'Believing is art.'
Things everybody should know:
The end will come slow,
And love breaks your heart."
Zoe Grant and Tyler Reid can be summed up in this song. She trusted him and he destroyed that love by betraying her. Yet, she allowed that moment to redefine her and own her, strengthening his hold over her.
Tainted Love, indeed.

4.  How To Save A Life, by The Fray

The conversation the singer has with the unknown man belongs to Nathan and Riley. Riley keeps coming to Nathan demanding restitution for their brother and walking away with nothing. No change. She wants her brothers to be saved and restored, but little Riley still doesn't understand, you can't force or demand it. Only God and His Holy Spirit can work on a heart for His glory. Only God can soften the hardness that settles in our heart in its perceived "rightness". 
Sorry, Riley. It never works that way.

5.  Invitation Fountain, by The Violet Burning

This song followed Merrick around with reckless abandon, just as God did. God woos with a gentleness we very rarely perceive, but when we do, His words, His offering to us, is all the more powerful. When Merrick finally bent his knees and his heart to his heavenly Father, he received what God promised. 
Rest from the toil, peace with God, and eternal life to spend in His presence.

6.  I Am Set Free, by All Sons and Daughters

The grand finale for the Your Mess Is Mine Series. Every couple we encountered through the entire series realized these words in some form or another.
Every question, every heartache, the Lord answered. 
God is safe to trust, love, and His grace is sufficient for us. We only need to keep our eyes on Him.

"Yes, Lord,
We are grateful,
For Your grace,
And for Your love.
'Cause You are the hand that reaches out to save.

"I am set free.
It is for freedom that I am set free."

1.  The Bridegroom, by Rivers & Robots

3.  Tainted Love, by Soft Cell

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