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Your Mess Is Mine Series

Follow the intertwined lives of Evelyn, Freya, Meitra and Zoe as they figure out how to trust God and believe Him when He says, "Your mess is Mine."

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Ravished My Heart


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Zoe Grant’s entire life is turning on its head. The Group for Addicts is changing leadership, her best friend is pregnant, she’s graduating college, and it seems like God is changing her most basic definitions of life.

Merrick Jameston, III, has everything a man needs, but his friendship with Freya Harris is making him question if his choices were really the right ones to begin with. Is there really more to life than success and money?

Nathan Coleman is content with his life thus far. He’s divorced, estranged from his brother, but not-so-estranged from his meddling sister, Riley. He dates with little expectation of the future he wanted with every fiber of his being: marriage and children.

Clementine Harris is done with men breaking her heart. Well, really, she’s done with the one man who blew the entire organ to smithereens. She’ll be alone the rest of her life, and the only person who has a problem with that is her mother.

Each with a tainted past, each questioning the choices they’ve made and the future they’d settled for. Will God answer the desires of their hearts, or have they gone so far afield, He’s stopped listening?


Ravished My Heart is the conclusion of the Your Mess Is Mine Series.


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