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What Are You Doing Here, Elijah?

I was chasing this idea through scripture, and my heavenly Father guided my squirrel-like mind to 1 Kings 19:9-13.

Elijah is hiding from his enemies, and praying for the Lord to kill him before his enemies did. Instead, the Lord gave him food and strength to get him to Mount Horeb which was a journey of forty days and nights. When he arrived, the Lord asks him, "What are you doing here, Elijah?" (v. 9)

Elijah tells the Lord about how zealous he had been for the Lord, what the sons of Israel had done, and how he was alone and his life was forfeit. The Lord asked Elijah to stand before Him. "And behold, the Lord was passing by!" (v.11) Through a series of seemingly natural disasters (1 Kings 19:11-12), the Lord revealed Himself through a whisper of a question, "What are you doing here, Elijah?" (1 Kings 19:13)

Elijah reiterates his position. Ignoring the great and radical ways the Lord has revealed Himself, Elijah feels he is at the end of his call to serve. Fearful and tired, he has determined his ministry is over and as dried up as his spirit. Elijah believes he's the only one serving God in the whole of Israel, and death is the only release that will satisfy all parties: him, his enemies, and his God.

Elijah is focused on Elijah.

"What are you doing here, Elijah?" (v.13)

God established His power in response to Elijah's position, and yet, Elijah didn't waver. He was still zealous, stuck and better off dead. Who was Elijah focused on?

We as disciples need to remember, we followed God because of who He is and what He's done. Those showings of glory, purpose and plan, are meant to keep us going. To get us up off our keisters during the sweet and prosperous times, and to keep us seeking Him and holding His hand in the darkest of times. When we find ourselves in utter despair, focused on ourselves and immersed in our feelings, God is going to ask you the question, "What are you doing here?"

If you find your answer to be about you, you're focused on the wrong person.

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