• Arie Hill

My Job

When I talk about my work, it sounds like this quote:

My job is to comfort those of us who feel they've walked too far afield from the Lord. My writing tells you there's no place you can go that the Lord can't reach you.

He's heard it all.

Seen your dirty secrets.

He knows exactly how far you're willing to go.

He wants you to know, all you have to do is turn around. He's there waiting for you.

My writing is also there for those who've been sitting on the sidelines too long.

To wake you up.

Notice that maybe you're not doing what you're supposed to.

Maybe you need a different perspective on the Lord and His call on your life.

Above all, my writing is supposed to challenge your prayer life, and your time in the Word. Challenge the fact you're supposed to give grace, instead of judgment, to those who are struggling to get life right.

My job is to strike your heart, make you think and possibly change the way you do things, and you can't do that by being nice all the time.

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