• Arie Hill

The Others

As you know, I love paranormal fiction, and this little gem is courtesy of Anne Bishop.

She's created Thaisia, a world, where shape-shifters, or the Others, see humans as tasty, clever meat, and humans live in fear of ending up as the evening meal.

We follow Meg Corbyn, a cassandra sangue, or blood prophet, who follows her visions to escape the shackles of The Controller all the way to the Lakeside Courtyard run by the Others.

The Others in Lakeside Courtyard are lead by Simon Wolfgard, a wolf-shifter who doesn't know who this new human is, or why he doesn't feel the prey-vibe from her.

As Meg's story unfolds, the entire community of Lakeside will feel the repercussions. Will this all be considered an act of war by the Others and humans or can peace be maintained?

If you love a different spin on shifter fiction, political upheaval, and violent acts of retribution.... Then what are you still doing here?

Go. Buy it.

Read it.

LOVE it.

Please note: This book contains some profanity, and references sex.

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