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Between the Page and Me

City Heart by Catia Chien

I wrote my love for you on the page.

Huge sweeping words scribbled.

Tiny notes of insecurity.

Still no one knew the depths of my heart,

Except for the page and me.

Every day I saw you,

A new facet was pointed out to me.

Whether you fit me or intrigued me,

I added a new item to my list.

No one knew you the way I knew you,

Except for the page and me.

Pages filled my room as your presence filled my heart.

Life became hard to live…

Hard to breathe…

Hard to see…

Beyond the effect you had on me.

Who wanted you more by their side,

Except for the page and me?

Gathering my courage one evening,

I took my heart written on that tree

Out into the open where everyone could see.

I read every word, noted every insecurity.

My love burned for you brightly,

Lighting up the space between you and me.

Every recorded reason floating up,

No longer between the page and me.

Between the Page and Me, by Arie Hill

#Poetry #Romance #HeartandBrain #Love #Marriage #YouBelongToMe #RisktheOcean #Aflame #Art

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