• Arie Hill

Devil's in the Details


Details say you pay attention.

Details say you care.

Details show the amount of thought and time you've put into your work to entrap me.

I will start a whole project over again, I pull out the yarn to redesign the entirety of my creation, just to make sure the details line up.

When we read a story,

when we meet someone knew,

when we listen to finely struck notes,

or taste the ambrosia of the ages,

we are mesmerized not by feeling full, entertained or by having another notch in our Facebook Friendship tally.

We are forever changed to accommodate, to appreciate, the most inspiring version of that medium.

They say the Devil's in the details, but details take love, forethought and consideration to prepare. The Devil doesn't supply that, and I couldn't fall in love with less.

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