• Arie Hill

The Princess, The Pea, & Kelly

This is me all of the time.

I can't watch or read anything without noticing something off,

and the sad part is I can't keep it to myself.


I am an obnoxious Princess and the Pea.

Except there's no pea.

There's nothing, but holes with little to no plot, grand leaps only Evel Knievel could make, and yet we're supposed to be impressed by the ring of fire burning into the night. Where did that even come from?

Then I turn and blast the poor unwitting human enduring this injustice next to me. My incredulous statements beg them to prove me wrong, or connect the dots I couldn't obviously see, only to stand righteously vindicated by things that don't truly matter in the grand scheme of things.

I never thought I would say this,

but I have something in common with Kelly Kapoor.

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