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The Best Christmas Album of All Time

Christmas music. Whose songs truly mark the beginning of the season?

Keep that answer in your mind. (You've also probably narrowed it down to song and which is your favorite to sing out loud in the car or shamelessly in a store while shopping.)

Well, you're all wrong, unless you've chosen Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song album.

His deep crooner's sound mixed with scripture-laden classics literally calms me, forcing my focus on the more important points of the holidays.

Jesus, our Lord and Savior, was born to save my life.

I get to enjoy every inch of my family.

The excellent food. (It's important and you know it.)

The sweet, magic of the orchestral opening of the album transports you to a snowy Christmas atmosphere, which is exceptionally difficult to achieve where I live, and creates a yearning of a delicious holiday beverage next to a roaring fire. This album is synonymous with comfy-cozy, and relaxation, two things I've yet to achieve on my own during the month of December.

Now, that you know Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song album is the best for Christmas, download it, listen to it, and relax knowing that Christ the Savior is our King.

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