• Arie Hill


My marriage is a product of two people who fell in love over letters. My Beloved and I were close friends until I moved. The paper letters and emails were a link between the miles that separated us in a time when long distance phone calls were too costly to afford.

We fall in love with God the same way, through His word. We're excited to get mail, sure, but it's the words contained therein that remind us we are thought of, cared for, and loved.

Jesus loves you, and He wrote 39 books just to tell you of how He thought of only you since the beginning of the world. When that didn't get your attention, He came to tell you in person, giving His life to show you His love. 27 more books later, His love, sacrifice, and yearning to see you again are a little more clear.

But you have to read it to know how deep and wide, how high and eternal, His love is for you. There is no one else for Him but you.

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