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The Rubik's Cube ad in 1981 came with a warning: Once you pick up the Rubik's Cube, you may never put it down. I find the same to be true with writing. It's beyond difficult, and some days, not worth my time, but when you hit that streak... All the colors on one side match, and you feel like might get a call from the President because they'll be needing your genius for top secret duties...

Until you edit. Flipping the proverbial cube shows you there's still more work to be done before all the colors are relegated to their own sides. Sentence structure, cadence and strength building are those little squares you're changing out, hoping for something better.

Hours of your time, the drain on your resources, and in the end, you hope people notice you got as many in the right spot as you possibly could, because as Salvador Dali once said, "Have no fear of perfection-you'll never reach it."

But if I twist it like this one more time...

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