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Menagerie is a gorgeous fictional piece that kept me up all night reading. So what? you think. We know you stay up all night reading anyway. And while that's true, this is an exception.

Lately, every book I have read has been a study in my patience. I have no drive to get to the end, let alone waste hours upon hours. Happening upon the Menagerie was equivalent to waking my senses.

It reminded me a bit of Stephen King's Carrie, and while it could have become agenda riddled, propaganda spewing fiction, Rachel Vincent carefully walked the line between law and morality. Who, or rather what, deserves to be in a cage? Who decides fairly?

Fun and exciting, which aren't the right words in the slightest, I couldn't get the story or characters out of my mind when I had to put it down. To me, that is a gorgeous read.

Then I learned there's a Book Two...

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