• Arie Hill


Hallstatt, Austria

Edinburgh, Scotland

Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland

Bled, Slovenia


The desire to move amongst lands unknown has been with me since I was eighteen and my mom allowed me to go to New Orleans, Louisiana as a graduation gift. Needless to say, I was not from the Big Easy, and the friends I traveled with wanted the familiar foods and sights. I wanted to pin down what I'd read about the area to my surroundings. Creole food, the French Quarter, and the above ground tombs begged to be tasted and explored. It took arm-twisting to get them to eat alligator and beignets straight from carts lining the brown Mississippi River. It was an experience I would not forget, (sweating that much will do that to you) and would hope to repeat.

While I love the familiarity of my home, this wanderlust for new places boils under the surface of me. One day, I'll be in the center of these photos with my family. And it won't be photoshopped in either.

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