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  • Arie Hill


I have a penchant for heavy metal music. Screamer bands don't interest me, my tastes run towards creative musical melds and melodies, fat bass lines, double kick pedals, sweet guitar licks and a deep voice lunging out of the darkness right for my soul. Metal overrides my anxious, over energized moods bleeding electrical static from my brain and leaving intense focus in my wake.

I have a heart for this band. Brothers in the Lord, their message is powerful and their style makes them one of my favorites. Their energy, craftsmanship, and musical style they put behind the scriptures make me giddy when they circle back around my playlist. May their life's work always be about the business of our heavenly Father.

I AM THAT I AM Now I move among your hearts I swim inside your veins I stay behind the scenes and speak To hearts who would obey My life infused with many sons, My truth inside your soul, My body is comprised of nations Who will make my Kingdom whole


#BecomingTheArchetype #Metal #RisktheOcean #CurrentlyUnsupervised #GodsWord #Love

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