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Prince of Wolves

I am really bad at math. Maybe really bad is a hyperbole but either way, I'm not the person you call to help you with equations. That said, I will give you a basic addition formula:

3 Seventeen-Year Old Best Friends


1 Hottie, Foreign Exchange Student


10 books, with a couple of novellas, called The Grey Wolf Series.

(3+1, carry the one, yup, that's 10.)

Prince of Wolves was my first foray into the young adult paranormal world and because of Quinn Loftis' creation, I've never looked back. (Please note, I've never read, watched or been sucked into the Twilight universe, and I'm a little proud of that.) There are only two werewolf series I'd gladly read again, and again, (and I have) and this is the first one. I've never been sucked in faster, swooned harder, or laughed louder than at the antics in these books. She'll talk you into drinking hot cocoa by the fireside in July, have you wishing your sarcastic skills were better sharpened, and thinking that if werewolves were real, you'd want a brooding, flea-infested, fur-ball butt-head of your own. Also, Jen and Peri both fight for dominance as my spirit animal. I just thought you should know.

The other major bonuses? The series is now a boxed set for $24.99 on Smashwords, (and I just found out I didn't buy book 9. What have I been doing to be so remiss?) or if you're not sure that my recommendation is solid, (quite alright, I don't take it personally) this little beauty, Prince of Wolves, is free. Who doesn't love that? Click on the picture and enjoy the fun!

In case you need additional inducement, Quinn Loftis herself is just a paragon of hilarious goodness, and can often be found on her Facebook page:

https://www.facebook.com/QuinnLoftisBooks/ She responds to comments and posts, and genuinely LOVES her fans. Simple things that make me like her more, and might be a couple of the reasons that I mildly cyber-stalk her. But really, how else am I suppose to get her attention and talk her into writing more knee-slapping fun?

Now that's math I like to do.

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