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1.  Now Is The Start, by A Fine Frenzy

It took me a while to find the perfect song to represent Freya Montrose and her world so well. This pop song was the perfect antithesis to her quirky bashfulness, and just enough tart to highlight Freya's sarcasm. This is her romantic comedy ballad.

2.  Called Me Higher, by All Sons & Daughter

At some point we all struggle to identify the specific job the Lord has called us to do. I wanted Now Is The Start to address that issue in both career and relationships. 

3.  In Your Eyes, by Peter Gabriel

In 34th & Vine, Freya is nursing a bruised ego, and Jack asks Freya to dance. Is it humanly possible to not hear this song in whilst in the arms of your significant other and not fall in love?
I don't believe it is.

4.  To Be Surprised, by Sondre Lerche

This is the opus of the entire book. Where there is life, there is change. Nothing remains the same. Whether you've just met, or been friends for sixteen years, everyone grows and matures.
Only God stays the same, and everyday we're in awe of how He transforms our world. Remain in awe.
This is Jack's song. Finding out he had feelings for his best friend in the most awkward way, he buried them deep where she couldn't see.
For years he hoped she would somehow make the move herself, because the fear of losing her outweighed his own motivation. For the first time in his life, he couldn't take the first step, and this was a tribute to that.

6.  I Believe (Get Over Yourself), by Nico Vega

Jack and Freya were opposites. He adventurous, and she more apt to stay with the familiar. He shucked her out of her proverbial shell, and into trouble with a smile and a joke, (Can we say, Tito's Taco Stand?) and this is their adventure song. 
"And then suddenly I replied,
I said, "I'm afraid of almost everything,
"I'm not sure what kind of songs to sing."

And when I met ya, you made me think. 
That I could be almost anything,

That I could rise above it all endlessly

And you brought me back to life." 

5.  3 Rounds and a Sound, by Blind Pilot

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