Hard To Pronounce Books

A series of stand-alone stories exploring different facets of our faith. Some things are the most difficult to live.

Some words are the hardest to say.

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Charlotte Burns would rather take apart, and degrease every engine in her mechanic shop, than admit her father was right about Jason, her live-in boyfriend. He never married her, and her ideals about happily-ever-after were smashed forever when she caught him in bed with their landlady. Flying to Atlanta to cry on Maggie Ryker’s shoulder was the only solution that didn’t involve her father’s unsolicited judgment. If only Maggie had shown up to collect her.


Coulter Jones online dated the same way a consumer bought a car, with one quick read of the MSRP and a quick test drive. His first vacation in years is ripe with sex, sun, and serenity until Hank Ryker calls in a favor: Meet Maggie’s troubled best friend at the airport and let her stay in his guest room. And, oh yeah, don’t sleep with her. Unwilling to waste all of his time on the brokenhearted woman in the guest room, he continues his vacation as planned. Who knew sex could complicate so much?


Two strangers forced together, Coulter and Charlotte learn exactly who they can rely on. 

This is a stand alone book, but the first in the Hard To Pronounce Book conglomerate.

Only available right now on Kindle Unlimited, but will be available at your most of your favorite book sites soon! 

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