1. I Will Wait For You There, by Phil Wickham

Serafina Perkins cried out to the Lord everyday from her innermost being. Her desires, her despair, her pain, 

all of it flogged before the Lord on a daily, if not hourly, basis. At her weakest, when all of her dreams had ended in disaster, she trusted in the Lord.

This song is the end of her conversation.

"I will wait for You there.
Down On my knees where I met You.
'Cause life is a war fought with tears,
But You are the strength I hold onto now.
I'm calling for You."

2. A Girl Like You, by Edwyn Collins 

Corbin Mulrennan is floored by Serafina Perkins. Her beauty ensnares him, but it's her heart and mind that keeps him coming back. 

Of course it could be the heavy dose of sarcasm she throws his way keeping him on his toes. Watching her closely, he's cataloging all of her characteristics. 

And he likes what he sees.  

This is his theme song.

3. The Heart of Life, by John Mayer 

Tragedy strikes everyone. Whom do you turn to when it does?

The Michelson's turned to their friends.

Corbin relied on himself for the most part.

Serafina broke. 

The Lord uses everything in our lives to do one thing: Bring us closer to Him. He consistently pushes us out of our complacency.


To train us to stop turning to our friends first, to stop thinking our strength is enough to power through, and to stop our breaking point from splintering us entirely.

The Heart of Life is not just good, it's beautiful. The Heart of Life is Christ and the strength of abundance we find in Him.

4. Are We There Yet? by Ingrid Michaelson

The relationship between Serafina and Caleb came as a surprise to me. I hadn't expected a woman who desperately wanted to be a mother, or a child who needed one. Let alone the connection they'd make together.

Very few times in our lives, one person comes along who fills the place we didn't think anyone else could.

This is the anthem for Serafina and Caleb. Both are wanting the simplest thing out of life. Still going through the motions, they wonder if they'll ever find home.

5. Because You Are Who You Are, by K.S. Rhoads

I could say this is the anthem for Corbin and Serafina, but this is the theme song for the entire book. From Edith to her great-grandchildren, this book speaks of a legacy hard fought for through prayer and perseverance.

Our hope, identity, and future is only found and preserved in Christ.


"Oh, I am who I am

Because You are who You are."

6. Counting Every Blessing, by Rend Collective

His promises shine like beacons in the darkness. His faithfulness ensures His light will not go out no matter what the circumstance. His love and grace heat us in the coldest of nights.

Serafina could have been bogged down by how her life turned out. Guilt and failure could have ended her life before she had seen dawn. 

Instead, she sat before the Lord and Counted Every BlessingThe night doesn't seem so long or as cold when you remember all the things God has done and every facet of who He is.

Our God is good.

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