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With Deandra Michelson’s mother-in-law in the hospital, Serafina Perkins was tasked to watch over her best friend’s four children. Feed them, care for them, get them to school and their respective practices on time. As Deandra passed her list after list of things to know, Serafina began to wonder if any regular human was capable enough to watch the Michelson clan for two weeks.


That was when help arrived. At least, help according to Deandra.


Corbin Mulrennan and his son, Caleb, arrived ready to rally around Everett Michelson in his time of need. Being best friends since their jaunt in the Marines, their sons currently best friends in high school, saying no was not an option. Until he sat across from his help-mate, a fiery vixen who snapped up his attention. Watching after the Michelson children was going to be more interesting than he thought.

Two people content in their situation are going to find out they haven’t been living their life Entirely.


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