Jesus can perform miracles, and this was my chance to work it out in my own human mind using His word. These two people surrendered their pride, their ideals, and who was right and who was wrong, to allow Jesus in. Their marriage was healed.
And they did it to the tune of Honey Come Home.

2.  Landfill, by Daughter

This is the anthem of both Shiloh Patterson and Meitra Young. How can you love someone, desperately want that person near you, and hate them, all at the same time? This haunting refrain makes the pain more real, and the imagery cuts you deeply.
Welcome to hell.
This is its theme song.

3.  You Hold It All Together, by All Sons & Daughters

This book opened with so little hope of the characters being restored in their grief. Death, betrayal, strife, and rebellion kept them from seeing the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. It was difficult for me to give their family and friends fresh words of hope.
Yet, I was reminded God's promises are all we need in the darkest moments.
"You are my strength.
You are my song.
You are my salvation.
You hold it all together."

4.  All of Me, by John Legend

Josh Culpepper was supposed to be a distraction to his partner's wife, Meitra. It wasn't long before he fell in love with the sable-haired beauty and her revealing turquoise eyes. Caring for her children and watching out for her well-being, Josh kept his heart in his back pocket just waiting for the perfect moment to be passed over.
This is Josh's anthem.

5.  Joy of the Lord, by Rend Collective

Shiloh Patterson knew God hadn't abandoned him, but down to his marrow, Shiloh felt utterly alone.
Darkness so deep, hands wide and searching, Shiloh learned he didn't have to search the darkness for God.
He merely had to call on Him and He would answer. 

6.  Tenerife Sea, by Ed Sheeran

This is Wyatt's song for Meitra. They walked down the aisle to it. He carried it in his heart over their honeymoon. He was a man transformed and renewed by the Holy Trinity, and it showed in the way he looked at his wife.
These two fools were not perfect, and there was no way, outside of the supernatural hand of God, they could survive as a couple... Yet, He restores them to a better relationship than they had before. Oh, the blessings He rains down on us when we surrender.

1.  Honey Come Home, by The Head and the Heart

This was not only inspiration for the title of the book, but it's compromising lyrics begged for a man's wife to come home. He was going to change his bad habits for her, and he's done wasting his time. "Just wants to die with the one I love beside me."
This sweet song fed the question, "Is it possible for a wife to forgive a philandering husband? For Jesus to turn their marriage into the dream marriage they always thought they had?"