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Your Mess Is Mine Series

Follow the intertwined lives of Evelyn, Freya, Meitra and Zoe as they figure out how to trust God and believe Him when He says, "Your mess is Mine."

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   Come Home   

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Shiloh Patterson is having trouble breathing… and living. He’s missing the man who kicked him out at eighteen, but suddenly became a father in the last three weeks of his life. How did he function in a world where his father suddenly became relevant, but is no longer around?


Meitra Young is losing everything that defined her life. Her cheating husband moved out, but the divorce isn’t final. Her sister, Eve, moved in, and her children like her better. How can she start over when she’s lost so much? 


Josh Culpepper wants what’s not his. Meitra unwittingly delved deeply into his heart, and her sons are just an added bonus to Josh’s life plan. Secure in his new position as Head Detective, and with Wyatt almost fully out of the picture, this is the true opening Josh needed to win Meitra over. Hopefully, he doesn’t screw it up.


Wyatt Young is questioning every choice he’s ever made. He thought he was gaining freedom from his monotonous life, but it cost him his position in the department and his family. Was this the freedom he wanted all along?

This is book 3 of the Your Mess Is Mine Series.

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